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How serious do you take your security? Do you lock your car or house every time you leave them? Do you keep a close eye on your phone in public places? Or do you secure your fancy mountain bike with a U-lock every time you park it? These are all great ways to stay secure, but what are you doing to protect your privacy when you browse the web?
With Droid VPN you can protect your privacy just like you protect your valuables. The virtual private network provides a solid line of defense from hackers and criminals via a network of encrypted tunnels. These tunnels route all of your information through to private servers, which replace your actual IP address with the IP address of the server you are connected to. So what exactly does this do?
By routing through private and encrypted tunnels, all of your data is inaccessible to any wandering eyes. Even if you happen to connect to Droid VPN’s private networks from a public Wi-Fi spot, you are still protected. This security allows you to browse through your bank accounts, work documents, or emails without worrying about a breach in your data.
Furthermore, the VPN gives you the freedom to access every corner of the web. By connecting to a foreign server you can bypass internet restrictions, or the restrictions put in place by employers. Access Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more as you change your location to any of the servers located around the globe.
Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of a cybercrime, join Droid VPN today and protect your valuable information.
• Simplistic Design and Interface – Forget dealing with a challenging virtual private network when you subscribe to Droid VPN. The service offers an incredibly simple and easy to use interface that even novices to the service can understand.
• Experimental Features – If you aren’t totally satisfied with Droid VPN’s service and features, then send out an email to customer support and state a feature you would like in the service. Droid VPN will then try to integrate the feature into your service, allowing you to have a customized experience.
• Securely Bypass Restrictions – Bypass restrictions in place by either governments or employers by simply hopping on to one of Droid VPN’s many servers. The whole duration of your connection will be anonymous and private, without leaving a digital footprint.
Droid VPN is currently available for Microsoft Windows and Android devices, with support for Linux and Mac coming soon.

Droid VPN is a good VPN with the potential to be great, but nothing that would currently stand out in the sea of competition which has now flooded the VPN market.
Droid VPN is a fairly simple VPN which meets the basic needs of users, but does few things more. It started off as a VPN exclusively for Android devices, but soon offered it’s service to PC users as well. Since then the service has continued to make fairly decent improvements.
The pros that Droid VPN offers is its experimental features, simplistic design and performance, and ICMP capabilities. If users are seeking a feature which the service is lacking, they are encouraged to email the company and state which type of feature they would like to see. The company then attempts to customize that feature right in to the user’s own service.
Additionally, Droid VPN is very simple and easy to use. Users simply tap the connect button, and the service routes the connection to the closest and most capable server. When connected to one of the many servers, speed does manage to be quite good.
Users can also benefit from using Droid VPN’s ICMP capabilities, which allow users to unblock websites which may have been blocked before.
However, Droid VPN could be seriously improved by allowing users to add more than one device to the protected service. In addition, the service could use a better website which offers users more information and aid when using the product.
Overall, Droid VPN is a fairly good VPN for the average user. It could be improved significantly with some minor tweaks, but is a service which does a fairly good job of unlocking the web and protecting personal information for the majority of internet browsers.

Servers and Speed
Countries – 8
Server Count – 29

Speed – Roughly 25% decrease in speed compared to when not using the VPN.

Does it Work with Netflix?

Does it Work in China?


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